Near Campus:

1. Car food sale "Halal" label in front of KMUH at 11.30 AM - 12.00 AM (everyday)


In Kaohsiung:

1. Chen Li-Li Restaurant (near Kaohsiung main station)

2. Apa Kabar Indonesia (near Kaohsiung main station)

3. Yeti Restaurant (near Kaohsiung main station)

4. Al Alam Indo Kaohsiung (near Kaohsiung port)

5. Malay Restaurant (Near Kaohsiung Mosque)

6. Lahore restaurant (halal Indian/Pakistani)

7. Rumah makan Indonesia

8. Himalaya Kitchen Indian food

9. Chic cafe

10. Pizza rock Fumin Rd

11. Taksim Turkish cuisine

12. Halal Noor foods


If you want to cook:

1. Carrefour and Costco with label "John Dee" beef and meat are halal.

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