Garbage is a Precious Resource if put in the Right Place

Kaohsiung Medical university invited the President & CEO of DA.AI Technology, Mr. James D.M. Lee, for a speech. He prepared and brought clothes, blankets, masks, backpacks, sunglasses, and other products made from recycled plastic bottles which are products researched and produced by the company. Our staff, students, and volunteers from Tzu Chi put on the products and walked the catwalk, allowing the audience to understand that "garbage is a precious resource if put in the right place". Mr. Lee shared the core values of their company, hoping to invigorate the love and kindness of society through recycling culture, love relaying, and full feedback. Sixty million plastic bottles are recycled and used by DA.AI Technology annually to develop various environmentally friendly textiles. These resources are the cumulated results of groups of environmental volunteers who contribute to recycling every day. They hope to bring environmental protection, humanity, and love to the consumers through their products; hoping that will promote more people to join and protect the earth with love and wisdom. He claimed that Tzu Chi and Kaohsiung Medical University hold the same principles, we "cure people, treat illness, heal the souls; save lives, protect the health, and defend for love". Mr. Lee encouraged the audience to reduce waste from the source. He believes society will improve if one more person has been influenced to protect the environment.


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