An International Concert Held at Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU)!

The Exchange Concert by Taiwan Yale Ensemble Has Drawn Enthusiastic Response

KMU invited the Taiwan Yale Ensemble to perform on the evening of 28 April 2022. KMU has long been committed to integrating arts and humanities into medical education. Although KMU has not established any arts-related departments, it won the "Arts Education Contribution Award - Merit School" awarded by the Ministry of Education. This time, KMU invited a top-notch international renowned orchestra to perform on campus so that the staff and students of KMU can enjoy an international musical feast. Chun-Yuh Yang, the President of KMU, said that Yale University is his alma mater and KMU is the place where he has worked for 36 years. It is reasonable to say that KMU is his second hometown. President Yang specially invited the Taiwan Yale Ensemble to perform at KMU, hoping that the faculty and students of KMU would appreciate the performance of an international renowned orchestra on campus and that more interactions between the two universities would evolve from this event.

ISSUE 7 1110428 台灣耶魯室內樂團交流音樂會

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