Informed date: May. 20th , 2020.

Informed serial number:109087

Share your Taiwanese Experience


Create postcards for your friends, follow study in Taiwan's instagram and win an entry to lucky draw






2020/05/122020/06/07 23:59 UTC+8

Event rules:

ð  Step 1: make an exclusive postcard for your friends

ð  Step 2: share your postcard through Facebook

ð  Step 3: follow "study_in_taiwan“ on Instagram

ð  For our Instagram followers, every postcard you share will give you one entry for the lucky draw. The more you share, the greater the chance to win!





Special Notice:

1.       Eligibility: (1) fans of “study_in_taiwan” Instagram account; (2) those who have studied in Taiwan.

2.       To qualify for the prize draw, all entries must be submitted between 2020/05/12 ~2020/06/07 23:59 (UTC+8)

3.       Participants need to ensure the submitted personal and contact information is correct. Otherwise, your entry may be disqualified. Each participant can only win one prize.

4.       Those using fake personal information will be disqualified and bear legal responsibilities.

5.       Those using malwares to manipulate the result in order to win will be disqualified and must return the prize.

6.       All information provided by the participant is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act and will only be used for this event.

7.       According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, participants have the right to read, request a copy of, correct or delete the personal information they provided. Please contact the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET, hereinbelow “the organizer”) directly if you wish to make these requests.

8.       If the prizewinner is eighteen years old or under, s/he can only claim the prize with a letter of consent from her/his legal representative.

9.       Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or anything with the same monetary value. The organizer reserves the right to change prizes and rules.

10. Prizewinners cannot transfer or sell their claim to the prizes.

11. In order to protect personal information, winners will only be announced on the event’s official website and the organizer will only contact prizewinners through email and phone calls. If the winner does not claim the prize one week after the announcement, the organizer will assume it is forfeited. The winner must contact the organizer and make arrangements for collecting the prize within a month of the announcement. If the winner does not collect the prize or pay the Withholding Tax, the organizer will assume the prize is forfeited.


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