TEEP – Taiwan Experience Education Programs

In 2015, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan is launching a new program titled “Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP)" to welcome students to join different universities and colleges in Taiwan for short term professional internship. Qualified international students are welcome to apply for TEEP Fellowship. You can experience not only in-depth education in Taiwan but also connect with the Asian job market through TEEP-gateway.

Course Activities


STRI@KMU Program

Organic chemistry, Flow Chemistry, Microfluidic

Semiconductor, Nanocomposite, Nanomaterials

Contact Information

Official website: https://www.studyintaiwan.org/teep/ 

Tel: 07-3121101 ext. 2857

E-mail: ciae@kmu.edu.tw 







Global Pharmacy     

This is a joint courses with the School of Pharmacy, Uppsala University, Sweden. The course will introduce the update progress of Taiwanese Pharmacy, including pharmacy education, natural products research, cosmetics, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical companies, government offices and so on. It has a tour and need to pay extra fee for the course. The students from Sweden will join together.

Course Objective

To promote international cooperation in Pharmacy

Contact Information

Tel: 07-3121101 ext. 2685


E-mail: slchen@kmu.edu.tw



Clinical Elective at Kaohsiung Medical University    

This elective will provide visiting students with experience in the diagnosis and management of disease entities prevalent in Taiwan. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the objective of this elective is to provide an in-depth understanding of the pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical manifestations and treatments of infectious diseases including dengue fever, tuberculosis, parasitic diseases, and other tropical-associated diseases; neoplastic diseases including betel nut-related oral, nasophargeal, laryngeal and esophageal cancers as well as hepatitis B- and C-associated hepatocellular cancer. Students will observe and learn the practice of medicine in Taiwan.



Medical students who are in good academic standing and have successfully completed the Principal Clinical Experience may apply.

Contact Information

Tel: 07-3121101 ext. 5374

E-mail: kmuhforeignclerks@gmail.com


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