Avoid going abroad or crowded public space during the holiday, and wearing a mask while entering the administrative offices.

All outbound events are postpone till JUNE 30th.

Measurements of COVID-19 prevention

For those who traveled or have relative symptoms


Home Isolation

Home Quarantine

Self-Health Management

Legal Basis

Articles 48 of Communicable Disease Control Act

Articles 58 of Communicable Disease Control Act

Articles 36 of Communicable Disease Control Act

Those who fail to comply with central epidemic command and control measures will be fined according to the Communicable Disease Control Act and may be proceeded with compulsory placement when necessary.


Individuals who had contact with the confirmed cases

Travelers entered Taiwan from nations of Travel Notice Level 3.

Travelers officially approved to visit Hong Kong and Macau.

Reported case who is tested negative and fit the criteria of de-isolation

Reported case of community surveillance.

Travelers entered Taiwan from nations of Travel Notice Level 1 & 2.


Home Isolation for 14 days

Home Quarantine for 14 Days

Self-Health Management for 14 days

temperature checking twice per day,

and report the records on wac system: https://reurl.cc/9EzqMx

Coordinate Matters

During the period of home isolation or quarantine, please stay at home (or designated location). It is forbidden to leave the country, go abroad or take public transportation.

People without symptoms: should avoid going to public venues. If going out is necessary, they should wear a mask

People who have a fever, cough, respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, or illness: wear mask; go to a doctor as soon as possible, and actively inform the doctor about your contact history, travel history and if there are people with similar symptoms around you.

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control—Travel Notice Level https://www.cdc.gov.tw/En

uBureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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