Informed date: Mar.19th, 2020.

Informed serial number:109047

Informed topic:Avoid  going abroad or crowded public space during the holiday, and wearing mask while entering the administrative offices.


Since the situation of COVID-19 has become serious around the world, we need to level up the precaution on campus. Started from today, please wear mask while entering any administrative office. And please make good use of email connection if there is no necessary needs to contact in person.

FYI, please avoid going abroad during the holidays from Apr. 2nd to Apr. 5th. So far most of the new cases of COVID-19 are infected in foreign country.

Here’s the brief contact information list:


staff in charge

contact email address

Main Duties

registration and curriculum division

Miss Chen(representative)

registartion issue


student ID card(apply/get stamped on the card)

Course Administration

Summer Session

Verification of Graduation

office of student affairs

Peggy Wu (representative)

Dormitory Management

Grants and Scholarship

Communication between University and Students(and family)

Office of Global Affairs



work permit

national health insurance

group insurance


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