Following Taiwan government regulations, international students must register for health insurance during their stay in Taiwan. Students staying in Taiwan with a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for over six months continuously must enroll in National Health Insurance (NHI). 

Students must provide their own proof of coverage if they do not have NHI.


  1. Must have an ARC at the time of registration
  2. Must have stayed in Taiwan for 180 days (6 months), starting from the ARC issue date. 
  3. During the period above, you may only exit and re-enter Taiwan ONCE. The period you are outside of Taiwan must be less than 30 days (including 30 days).
  4. The period you spend outside of Taiwan does NOT count toward the 180 consecutive days.


  • Ariane enters Taiwan (Day 1)
  • She then returns to her home country after spending 30 days in Taiwan (Day 30)
  • Ariane spends 30 days in her home country (These 30 days are NOT counted)
  • Ariane returns to Taiwan (Day 31)
  • First day Ariane is eligible for NHI (Day 180)

Enrollment Process

  • The student is automatically enrolled in NHI through the Office of Global Affairs (OGA) when they meet the requirements.
  • The OGA will notify the student when they are enrolled in NHI for the first time (usually the 2nd semester of the student’s study).
  • The student will need to pay their first NHI fee before receiving their NHI card from the OGA.
  • After the initial payment, future NHI fees will be billed with the student’s tuition* each semester until they leave the university.

*The student’s tuition bill will include the item “NHI fee”.


Following NHI regulations, the fee is NTD 826 per month, amounting to NTD 4,956 per semester (as of 2023.03.28).

The NHI fee is billed per semester.


If you have dependents (family members, children) who need NHI coverage, the above requirements are the same. 

Please contact the OGA at or visit the OGA in person (Li-Hsueh Building 4 floor, Office of Global Affairs) to get your dependents registered.


  • A student who must depart Taiwan due to graduation, suspension of studies, or withdrawal of studies shall take the initiative to apply for a cancellation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) at the Office of Global Affairs. The student may keep his/her NHI card and is not required to return it.
  • A student who still holds a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and has yet to depart Taiwan after graduation, suspension of studies, or withdrawal of studies, is required to apply for transfer of NHI at the Office of Global Affairs, and bring the NHI transfer-out form to the relevant district office at the city, county or township and the district shown on his/her ARC to re-apply.

Additional Information

Please refer to your Student Handbook (Health Insurance section) and National Health Insurance Administration’s website if you have further questions.

Student Handbook:

National Health Insurance Administration:

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