ARC is an identity document issued by the National Immigration Agency which proves legal residence for foreign nationals (non-ROC nationals) in Taiwan. 

Foreign and overseas Chinese students who pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in Taiwan are required to apply for an ARC through the online application system within 15 days after they enter Taiwan with a Resident Visa or obtain a Resident Visa through visa change in Taiwan.

Important guidelines

  • Foreigners' residency will be ceased by the authorized agency and they may be expelled from Taiwan if they overstay in Taiwan without applying for ARC extension.
  • Foreigners who need to change information on their ARC (e.g. change of address) should apply to update their ARC online within 15 days of the change.
  • Please apply for ARC extension within 30 days before your ARC expires if you will continue your study at KMU.
  • If you plan to leave Taiwan during your studies, please make sure your ARC will still be valid at the time you return to Taiwan before your departure. Please apply for ARC extension online if necessary.

After Graduation

  • Once you graduate, if your ARC purpose of residence is Study at KMU, it will be canceled within two weeks.
  • If you would like to find a job or continue to study in Taiwan after graduation, you may apply for ARC extension for 6 months twice (for a total of a one year). All you need to do is take your KMU graduation diploma to the National Immigration Office, and you can apply for the extension.
  • You can use this extension time to seek employment, internships, and/or apply for other visas to remain in Taiwan. 

Further Info

Please refer to your Student Handbook (Visa section) and National Immigration Agency’s website if you have further questions.

Student Handbook:

National Immigration Agency:




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