Dear KMU faculty and students, 

We are excited to announce that the KMU DIWALI 2023 event is kicking off!!

Time: 6 PM, Friday, November 17, 2023

Venue: IR Square

The detailed agenda is provided in the following image. To register, please visit: https://reurl.cc/Ry7Q3G.

PS. If the registration link is unavailable, it means that all slots are filled. If additional slots become available, a separate announcement will be made.

Moreover, from 2:00 PM on November 16 (Thursday) to 2:00 PM on November 17 (Friday), eight stalls will showcase homemade Indian snacks by Indian students and traditional Henna Art. We invite all faculty and students to visit these stalls at the IR Building Square and enjoy the taste of Indian culture. The featured stalls are as follows:   


1. Traditional Henna Art 傳統漢娜彩繪

2. Kashmir Snow Flakes 喀什米爾印度雪糕

3. Taj Indian Chaats 泰姬印度小吃

4. Madurai Idly 馬杜賴蒸米醬糕

5. Mysore Poli 邁索爾印度脆餅

6. Chennai Chicken Curry 清奈咖哩雞

7. Hyderabad Mohali Biriyani 海德拉巴印度香飯

8. Kolkata Golgappa 加爾各答巴尼布里(印度脆球)

9. Andhra Punugulu 安德拉邦印度炸米丸


                             Diwali 2023 Poster and Inivitation    DIWALI 2023 AGENDA 邀請卡

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