Informed date: Apr.23, 2020.

Informed serial number:109065



Guides regarded to the confirmed cases from naval ship the Panshih (Dunmu Fleet)


If you had received the text message of ‘alert for the spots passed by naval ship the Panshih (Dunmu Fleet)’ send from CDC, all you need to do is wearing face mask all day and be conscious of your health condition. But if you meet the criteria listed below, please contact with health center ( and do not entering campus:


1.    Be informed you’ve brush shoulders with confirmed cases by CDC.

2.    Your roommate is navy and is called to return to military.

3.    Have relative syndrome like cough, diarrhea and disorder of smell/taste.




To protect yourself, there are 5 methods you can do :

1.    Wear face mask while going out, and use mask cover/fabric mask if you got shortage of mask.

2.    Wash hands frequently, and make good use of alcohol disinfection placed on campus.

3.    Keep social distance at least 1.5 m.

4.    Avoid going to crowded place.

5.    Recording your daily life passing track on the wac system:



For the information of text message send by CDC, you can watch the video:




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