In 7th-8th July, the SISAT (Solomon Islands Student Association in Taiwan) hold the Solomon Islands 39th Indepandence and SISAT Gratuates Farewell Party in the Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU). Not only the ambassador of the Solomon Islands, Mr. Joseph Waleanisia, and his family but also the student whm from the National Cheng Kung University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Tamkang University, Ming Chuan University, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Yuan Ze University and I-Shou University came to the party to celebrate. The president of KMU, Ching-Kuan Liu and vice president, Hsiu-Hung Wang were invited to this event as well.

The 2 days event contained the Sport Games, the Carnival Game and the Party. Students used 4 colors ( Blue, Yellow, Red and Green) to divide into groups. These colors stand for the colors of flag of Taiwan and Solomon Islands. It also represent the cooperation of two country. In the evening party, president Liu and the ambassador of the Solomon Islands cut the cake together to celebrate the 39th Indepandence Day.

  The friendship between the Solomon Islands and Kaohsiung Medical University initiated in the 90’s. On January 4th, 2006, National Referral Hospital (also called Central Hospital, No. 9 Hospital) in the Solomon Islands became one of the sister hospitals of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital. Since then, the interactions between Solomon Islands and KMU have been consistent and profound in many ways, including medical service assistance, medical training providing, education and knowledge exchange in public health, nursing, and healthcare administration and medical informatics and etc. The number of the Solomon Islands students attending Kaohsiung Medical University has also been increasing steadily in the recent years. Furthermore, since 2008, Kaohsiung Medical University has been sending 4 to 10 students annually to the Solomon Islands as international medical volunteers in hopes of connecting the people together, allowing the younger generations to understand and appreciate the cultural differences, and also expressing the care we have towards each other.