Informed date: May 28th ,2020.

Informed serial number:109092

International Students Apply Internships after Graduating from University/College in Taiwan


For those who want to apply for interns after graduating, please read the Operation Directions as the attachment, and submit the required documents below to Sally( before Jun 8th ,2020.


Required documents:

1.       Application form of intern after graduating

2.       Agreement from company

附件下載 (Attachments)
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Download this file (Acts of having intern after graduating.pdf)Acts of having intern after graduating.pdf103 kB2020-06-01
Download this file (agreement from company.pdf)agreement from company.pdf90 kB2020-06-01
Download this file (Application form of intern after graduating.pdf)Application form of intern after graduating.pdf107 kB2020-06-01
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