Informed date: May. 11th , 2020.

Informed serial number:109076


Guidelines of Applying Kaohsiung City International Student Scholarship

For those who are interested to apply, please read the following requirements and how-to carefully:

1.         Eligibility: applicants need to fulfill all the following requirements:

a.      International students seeking degree in Kaohsiung now, excluding those who are going to graduate this semester / year 

b.     Score of academic performance for previous semester over 80.

c.      Bonus requirements:

o    Participating in social or cultural activities which host by Kaohsiung City Government or Government Organization  (see attached certificate sample): 0.5 points per hour, up to 40 points

o    International students who are from KH’s sister cities (city list see attachment): 30 points if from KH sister city

2.       How to Apply:

Please finish all steps below before the deadline, any delay or lack of document will cause the failure of applying.

(1)  Email the electronic file of the application form to Sally(

-This procedure should be done before the step 2.

(2)  Submit the hard copy of all required documents in person (during 5:00-5:30 P.M., Mon to Fri):

l  Application Form (with signature). -as attached.

l  Transcript of the 2019 first semester (Sep, 2019 ~ Jan 2020)

l  Certificate for social services or cultural activities participation

l  Other supporting documents.

(3)  Sign your name on the ‘Applying Kaohsiung International scholarship for 2020 school year’ chart.

3.       Deadline for submission: no later than 5:00 p.m., May, 25, 2020.

4.       Amount of Stipend: NTD 3,000 per month, from August 2020 to July 2021.

5.       Reminder:

(1)  Hard copy applications will only be received during 5:00-5:30 P.M., Mon to Fri. Please contact with Sally( if you have trouble of arriving time. Documents won’t be accepted besides the scheduled time.

(2)  All submitted documents won’t be returned after handing in. If any of the information provided are found and proved to be false, the grant status would be revoked.

(3)  To prevent students from COVID-19. If you have further question, please contact with Sally( by email. 

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