Kaohsiung Medical University’s outstanding Alumnus Shih-Ann CHEN gives a speech at his Alma Mater

KMU invited outstanding alumnus Professor Shih-Ann Chen, to give a speech at his alma mater university on the 28th of March 2023. Professor Chen who completed his internship and received his MD from KMU is an internationally renowned authority in the investigation of the pathophysiology of focal atrial tachycardia, thoracic veins atrial fibrillation initiators, and ablation techniques. He is one of the two pioneers in the world working on catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation called the "Taipei Approach" by the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS).

In 2021, Professor Chen was appointed the superintendent of the Taichung Veterans General Hospital where he quickly improved the performance of the hospital, leading it to become the only hospital in Taiwan to be listed in the "Newsweek 2023 World's Best Smart Hospitals". With the title of "Sharing the Experience of Building an Excellent Team", Professor Chen shared the innovative changes he made in hospital operations after taking over as the hospital’s superintendent.

KMU invited Professor Chen to give a speech at his alma mater university. In addition to letting the new generation of KMU students meet the global authority of ablation of atrial fibrillation, and taking this outstanding alumnus as a role model, KMU management hopes that through the interaction and experience of connecting outstanding alumni with current students, it can foster a sense of identification and cohesion towards the university, and pass down the legacy of excellence of KMU.


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