A world first! The Kaohsiung Medical University campus introduces a robotic arm surgery system to create a world-leading teaching center


Our university's Robotic Arm-Assisted Surgery System Teaching and Training Center was unveiled on October 20. The Da Vinci Robotic Arm-Assisted Surgery System is one of the most advanced medical surgery systems, allowing doctors to enhance their vision during surgery and perform precise and delicate operations. It is currently widely used in departments including urology, gynecology, general surgery, colorectal surgery, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, head and neck surgery, and other related surgical fields. Our university has built the world's only robotic arm-assisted surgery system teaching and training center so that medical students can experience the Da Vinci robotic arm-assisted surgery system on campus. In the past, the students had to wait until they were promoted to attending physicians and obtained relevant certificates before they had the opportunity to operate the delicate device. Now the students may experience the operation using the robotic arm surgical device in school, allowing the surgical revolution of medical technology to enter the class for the first time.




The heart-warming Double Ninth Festival--Respect for the Elderly activity!

The Kaohsiung Medical University Family Day invites four generations of faculty and students to join hands with Jingshan (Mountain Cleanup)


Our university held the University Family Day event on October 22, calling on faculty, staff, and students to bring their families to participate in "Jingshan", in response to the United Nations SDGs Goal 15 "to promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, halt biodiversity loss, reverse land degradation, and sustainably manage forests." This event will enhance the sense of mission for a sustainable environment for the faculty and students. In conjunction with the Double Ninth Festival, retired faculty and staff were also invited to participate in the event. Hoping that the Kaohsiung Medical University community will jointly use their actions to fulfill the university's social responsibilities, this event also enhanced the friendship between faculty, staff, and students. The event attracted more than 200 people to participate. The youngest participant was 2 years old and the oldest was 82 years old. The age range spanned 80 years. Through this event, everyone experienced the fun of intergenerational harmony and learning together.


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