First in Asia! Kaohsiung Medical University introduces integrated image simulator

to build up a top Mini-Invasive Interventional Therapy Training Center

The clinical imaging simulation training center, built in cooperation with the Siemens, was inaugurated on October 13, 2023, combining the latest integrated image simulator with the resources of Kaohsiung Medical University and its affiliated medical center to establish Taiwan's top-tier training center for minimally invasive intervention. This is not only the first training facility incooperating multi-faceted interactions in Asia, but also an innovation in global medical education. The immersive experience classroom displays a series of dynamic scenarios that allow teachers and students to interact in a designed teaching environment. Medical teaching instantly shifts from text and pictures from traditional textbooks to deconstructing of human skin, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves in a 3D space setting. The visual feedback enables students not only to accurately delineate the structure of the human body, but also become familiar with the procedures by operating repeatedly through the simulator. The training will reduce the risk of making mistakes as the skills that may require years of practice may be learned through repeated practice in this centre.



Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) celebrates its 69th anniversary

by recognizing its outstanding alumni for achieving new heights in medical excellence

Kaohsiung Medical University celebrated its 69th anniversary on October 16th, 2023. At the anniversary ceremony, KMU commended its outstanding alumni and faculty members, as well as paid tribute to the individuals and enterprises that contributed to the development of KMU. The University also congratulated President Chun-Yuh Yang for receiving the Teaching Excellence Award, and associate Professor Wei-Chun Hung for receiving the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award from the National Science and Technology Council. KMU organized a variety of activities, including a carnival, concert, and sporting events for the faculty, the staff, and students to demonstrate the energetic side of KMU people. In recent years, KMU has been actively rebuilding the campus environment including teaching and research facilities to create an inclusive and sustainable learning atmosphere. Furthermore, KMU received a record high of more than NT$150 million grant from the Higher Education Sprout Project of the Ministry of Education. The second phase of the Namaxia Sustainable Development Project won the Gold Medal for SDG4 of the 3rd Taiwan Sustainable Action Awards (TSAA). In a recent announcement by Stanford University, 28 KMU professors were listed among the "Top 2% Scientists Globally". Two alumni, vice Superintendent Dr. Chia-Yen Dai of the KMU affiliated Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital and Dr. Heng-Chang Chen, the Director of Plastic Surgery at the Puli Christian Hospital, were honored with Medical Contribution Awards, bringing the total number of awardees from KMU up to 48, the highest number in Taiwan. Sixty-nine years since the establishment of KMU, the road we traveled was not easy. But we will continue to work hard and contribute to our society.



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