Name: Professor Nikolaos Schizas

Institution: University of Puerto Rico, USA

Visit Date: 2018/05/20-2018/05/24

Topic: Population and Ecological Genomics

Name: Professor Dmitry Lvovich Aminin

Institution: G.B. Elyakov Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russia

Visit Date: 2018/11/16-2018/11/23

Topic: Bio-Medical Journal reading and discussion

Name: Professor George Wells

Institution: University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Canada

Visit Date: 2018/04/09-2018/04/11

Topic: Special Topics on Clinical Pharmacy Research

Name: Professor Matthias C. Lu

Institution: University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Visit Date: 2018/03/04-2018/03/08

Topic: Special Topics on Research Methodology

Name: Professor Tetsu Takahashi

Institution: Tohoku University, Japan

Visit Date: 2018/04/25-2018/04/27

Topic: Modern Experiment Protocols and Concepts

Name: Professor Ching-Chang Ko

Institution: University of North Carolina, USA

Visit Date: 2018/04/24-2018/04/26

Topic: Academic Research Ethics

Name: Professor Hideto Tanaka

Institution: Yokohama National University, Japan

Visit Date: 2018/11/15-2018/11/18

Topic: Health Management and Health Management

Name: Professor Thomas T.H.Wan

Institution: Florida State University, USA

Visit Date: 2018/12/14-2018/12/23

Topic: Healthy Systems Analysis and Evaluation

Name: Professor Rosamond Madden

Institution: The University of Sydney, Australia

Visit Date: 2018/10/31

Topic: Occupational Therapy in Community Context

Name: Professor Shinya Kuno

Institution: University of Tsukuba, Japan

Visit Date: 2018/11/15-2018/11/17

Topic: Health Management and Health Management

Name: Professor Yuan-Yang Lai

Institution: University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Visit Date: 2018/12/14-2018/12/21

Topic: Special Topics of Sleep Science

Name: Professor Sam Telford

Institution: Tufts University, USA

Visit Date: 2018/04/22-2018/04/25

Topic: Recent Advance on Tropical Medicine and Global Health/Research Trend of Tropical Medicine/Vector Control/Seminar

Name: Professor Arai Hidenori

Institution: National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology、Center for Gerontology and Social Science, Japan

Visit Date: 2018/05/02-2018/05/03

Topic: Long-Term Policy and Law

Name: Professor Joan.E. Haase

Institution: Indiana University, USA

Visit Date: 2018/11/13-2018/11/14

Topic: Special Topics on Maternal Child Nursing and Practicum II/Advanced Quantitative Research Methodology

Name: Professor Kataoka Yaeko

Institution: St. Luke's International University, Japan

Visit Date: 2018/11/08-2018/11/09

Topic: Maternity Nursing

Name: Professor Atsushi Makino

Institution: The University of Tokyo, Japan

Visit Date: 2018/12/20-2018/12/21

Topic: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Holistic Healthcare/Sociology of Aging Society

Name: Professor Rafe Brown

Institution: University of Kansas, USA

Visit Date: 2018/12/18-2018/12/21

Topic: Population and Ecological Genomics

Name: Professor Gwen Sherwood

Institution: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Visit Date: 2018/11/29-2018/11/30

Topic: Philosophy in Nursing and Knowledge Development

Professor Anders Backlund

Name: Professor Anders Backlund

Institution: Uppsala University, Sweden

Visit Date: 2018/11/17-2018/11/19

Topic: Global Pharmacy

Professor Wanchai De-Eknamkul

Name: Professor Wanchai De-Eknamkul

Institution: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Visit Date: 2018/10/08-2018/10/11

Topic: Special Topics on Development of Natural Products/Special Topics on Natural Products Pharmacological Evaluation/ Special Topics on Target-based Research of Natural Products/Special Topics on Natural Product Chemistry

Professor Mark Swartz

Name: Professor Mark Swartz

Institution: SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, USA

Visit Date: 2018/08/09-2018/08/10

Topic: Teaching Besude Clinical Skills and Constructive Feedback/The Art of Interviewing/Demonstration of Physical Examination

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