Name: Prof. Mina Samukawa

Institution: Hokkaido University

Date: 2016/12/26-12/29

Topic: Introduction to Movement


Name: Prof. Thomas T.H. Wan

Institution: University of Central Florida

Date: 2016/12/22-12/31

Topic: Healthy Systems Analysis & Evaluation


Name: Prof. Carolyn Watts

Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University

Date: 2016/12/8-12/14

Topic: Health Care 


Name: Prof. David Da Yong Chen

Institution: University of British Columbia

Date: 2016/12/5-12/9

Topic: 1.Pharmaceutical analysis  2.Instrumental analysis


Name: Prof. Erika OTA

Institution: St. Luke's International University

Date: 2016/11/29

Topic: 1.Global Health nursing  2.How

 to conduct systmatic reviews


Name: Prof. Mikiko AOKI

Institution: St. Luke's International University

Date: 2016/11/28,11/30

Topic: 1.Genetic Counseling and Genetic Nursing  2.Prenatal screening and diagnosis


Name: Prof. Kara Bren

Institution: University of Rochester

Date: 2016/11/15

Topic: Inorganic Chemistry


Name: Prof. Wonwoo Nam

Institution: Ewha Womans University

Date: 2016/11/15

Topic: Inorganic Chemistry


Name: Prof. Shengfa Ye

Institution: Max-Planck-Institut

Date: 2016/11/15

Topic: Inorganic Chemistry


Name: Prof. Gwen Sherwood

Institution: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Date: 2016/11/1-11/2

Topic: 1. Improving Patient care outcomes through knowledge development: the new safety science   2. Reflective practice: transforming education and practice by integrating quality and safety


Name: Prof. Ming-Fong Lin

Institution: University of Nebraska

Date: 2016/10/14, 10/17-18

Topic: Pharmacy


Name: Prof. Lee Huey Jen

Institution: New Jersey Medical School, The State University of New Jersey

Date: 2016/10/17-10/21

Topic: Neurological emergency



Name: Prof. Marc Potvin

Institution: University of Toronto & Michener Institute

Date: 2016/10/31-11/2

Topic: Radiophysics


Name: Prof. Zupkó István

Institution: University of Szeged

Date: 2016/11/3-4, 11/7-8

Topic: Relevance of pharmacokinetics in drug development. Recent evolution of anticoagulants. Evidence-based evaluation of alternative and complementary cancer therapies. Novel possibilities for treatment of dyslipidemia.



Name: Prof. Ferenc Fülöp

Institution: University of Szeged

Date: 2016/11/3-4, 11/7-8

Topic: Stereochemistry and drug research. Classical serendipity: the history of benzodiazepines. Can cocaine enhance the learning of medicinal chemistry?


Name: Prof. Tah Hsiung Hsu

Institution: St. Matthew's Medical School

Date: 2016/9/26-9/30

Topic: Clinical practice

Name: Prof. René ROY

Institution: University du Quebec a Montreal

Date: 2016/10/27-10/28

Topic: Oragnic chemistry


Name: Prof. Arthur Rathinam JAMES

Institution: Bharathidasan University

Date: 2016/10/3-10/5

Topic: All classes at KMU are related to issues of Environmental and Public Health

Name: Prof. Yoshinobau Baba

Institution: Nagoya University

Date: 2016/05/20 ~ 05/23

Topic: Nanosience



Name: Prof. Wendy Moyle

Institution: Griffith University

Date: 2016/05/18 ~ 05/20

Topic: Effect of an interactive therapeutic robotic animal on engagement, mood states, agitation and antipsychotic drug use



Name: Prof. Yoshihide Kanai

Institution: Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences

Date: 2016/03/23 ~ 03/25

Topic: The Education System and Practice Area of Physical Therapists in Japan

Name: Prof. Takeda Satoru

Institution: Jutendo University★

Date: 2016/02/22 ~ 02/23

Topic: Current Issues in Japanese Perinatal Medicine


Name: Prof. Jyu-Lin Chen

Institution: University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing (UCSF)

Date: 2016/02/28, 03/20, 04/17

Topic: Thesis Seminar


Name: Prof. Ichizo Nishino

Institution: Waseda University

Date: 2016/03/03 ~ 03/05

Topic: The update of inflammatory myopathy


Name: Prof. Yoshiaki Furukawa

Institution: Keio University

Date: 2016/03/10

Topic: Protein Conformational Disorder Leading to Neurodegenerative Diseases


Name: Prof. Kazushi Motomura

Institution: Osaka University

Date: 2016/04/26 ~ 04/29

Topic: Medical Microbiology



  • Name: Yuh-Fong Hong
  • Institution: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston★
  • Date: 2016/03/28
  • Topic: Nursing Management
  • Weblink

Name: Prof. Anders Backlund

Institution: Uppsala University

Date: 2016/04/11 ~ 04/18

Topic: Global Pharmacy


Name: Prof. Peter Cheung

Institution: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Date: 2016/04/25 ~ 04/28

Topic: Nutrition and Health


Name: Prof. Darunee Soorukram

Institution: Mahidol University

Date: 2016/05/25

Topic: Natural Products Chemistry


Name: Prof. Hisaichi Ohnabe

Institution: Niigata University

Date: 2016/06/15 ~ 06/17

Topic: Flying Wheelchair-International Voluntary Activity


Name: Prof. Qipeng Yuan

Institution: Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Date: 2016/05/30 ~ 05/31

Topic: Biotechnology


Name: Prof. Carol Shieh

Institution: Indiana University

Date: 2016/6/2-6/3

Topic:Population health



Name: Prof. Nathaniel K. Szymczak

Institution: University of Michigan

Date: 2016/5/2-5/5

Topic:Coordination Chemistry


Name: Prof. Roger Marshall

Institution: AUT University

Date: 2016/3/26-4/16

Topic:Adaption bias, Decision risk


Name: Prof. Wei-chen Chang

Institution: North Carolina State University

Date: 2016/5/24

Topic:Stereoinversion Reaction Mechanism and Beyond in the Biosynthesis of  Carbapenem Antibotics


Name: Prof. Ravindra M. Shah

Institution: University of British Columbia

Date: 2016/5/3-5/6

Topic: Developmental Biology of Platat

Name: Prof. Fumiyo Tamura

Institution: Nippon Dental University

Date: 2016/5/2-5/6

Topic: Oral health care, Dysphagia treatment

Name: Prof. Kuang-Yueh Chiang

Institution: Emory University

Date: 2016/3/7-3/11

Topic: Pediatrics


Name: Prof. Sunita Rattan

Institution: Amity University

Date: 2016/5/3-5/4

Topic: Polymer Nanocomposites using Click chemistry: Novel Materials for Chemiresistive Sensor

Name: Prof. Chia-huei Tseng

Institution: The University of Hong Kong

Date: 2016/5/30-6/1

Topic: Psychology


Name: Prof. Shao Q. Yao

Institution: National University of Singapo

Date: 2016/7/25

Topic: Chemistry


Name: Prof. Linus T Chuang

Institution: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Date: 2016/10/14

Topic:Current Status of DaVinci Robotic Surgery in Gynecologic Oncology


Name: Prof. Evelyn K.F. Yim

Institution: University of Waterloo

Date: 2016/9/7-9/8

Topic: Chemical Engineering


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