Office of Global Affairs

Vice President for Global Affairs
Dr. Kuei-Min Chen


Division of Planning and Development Division of Student Exchange Division of Academic Collaboration
Asso. Vice President  Asso. Vice President  Director
Dr. Wan-Chi Tsai Dr. Chang-Chih Kuo Dr. Yih-Fung Chen
2851 2855 2860


Division of Planning and Development
Name Lily Hsu Ching Wang Debbie Juan
Ext. 2852 2853 2854
Stand in Ching/Debbie Lily/Debbie Lily/Ching



Division of Student Exchange

Name Vivian Hsia Sally Huang Sansan Hsieh
Ext. 2856 2857 2858
Stand in  Sally/Stacey Vivian/Stacey Vivian/Sally



Division of Academic Collaboration
Name Alice Lin  Joy Chang
Ext. 2861  2862
Stand in Joy  Alice
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