Date Name International Activity Topic
2016/2/20 - 2/24 Chung-Feng Huang 25th Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL 2016) PNPLA3 genetic variants determine HCV-related hepatic steatosis in Asian non-obese patients
2016/2/26 - 3/3 Jo-Chi Jao SPIE International Symposium on Medical Imaging 2016 Monitoring fractional anisotropy in developing rabbit brain using MR diffusion tensor imaging at 3T
2016/3/4 I-Hua Chu The 2nd International Symposium on the Top Global University Project, Health Promotion Physical Fitness of Adolescent Wushu Athletes
2016/3/4 - 3/6 Jaw-Yuan Wang Asian Oncology Summit 2016 UGT1A1 Promoter Polymorphism: Determinants of outcomes in mCRC therapy with irinotecan
2016/3/5 - 3/8 Chung Hwan Chen ORS 2016 Annual Meeting

1. Protecting effects of exercise on glucosamine-induced insulin resistance in ovariectomized rats

2. Parathyriod hormone (1-34) improved knee osteoarthritis and function in rats with anterior cruciate ligament transection by decreasing chondrocyte apoptosis via autophagy

2016/3/8 - 3/12 Aij-Lie Kwan The 11th Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons (ACNS)

1.Application of surgical Apgar score in intracranial meningioma surgery

2. Vascular adhesion protein-1 expression is a potential predictive marker for poor prognosis in astrocytomas

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