2018/1/11 2018 Harvard-KMU Mini Research Symposium on Environmental Medicine 
2018/1/17 2018 ISU-KMU-IBMS Joint Symposium on Recent Advances
2018/3/18 2018 WPPF Workshop program in Kaohsiung Medical University
2018/3/19  Mini-Symposium on Neurobehavior
2018/03/23-24 2018 Kaosiung International cancer symposium
2018/3/23 2018 Biomaterials and controlled release society & controlled release society Taiwan local chapter symposium
2018/3/30 International Symposium of the 9th Research Day
2018/5/3 THE-University World Ranking seminar
2018/5/7 2018 International conference on frontier chemistry and life sciences
2018/5/22 2018 KMU & Shanghai Jiao Tong University Medical Forum
2018/05/26-27 2018 Dental Technology International Conference
2018/6/30  2018 IO education program
2018/7/9 LSARC 2018 Workshop on OMICS: A preparation for precision medicine
2018/8/2 International Workshop on Big Data Analytics and Medical Healthcare
2018/8/11 2018 Techonology generation of medical education international conference
2018/09/29-30 2018 internationl conference on emerging health policies and smart medical care
2018/10/06-07 The 33th symposium of natural products
2018/11/3 41st ICS World congress
2018/11/14 KMU & Kanazawa Medical University symposium 
2018/11/16-17 2018 International Conference on Athletes Care & Performance
2018/11/25-26 The second Israel Taiwan International Medical Conference
2018/11/26-12/05 2018 KMU & Shanghai Jiao Tong University PBL training program
2018/12/7 Global Health Security symposium 
2018/12/18 2018 Shinshu University Hospital and KMU symposium
2017/3/7 Visiting Team from Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences
2017/3/8 2017 IBMS-KMU Joint Symposium on Recent Advances in Biomedical Sciences
2017/3/16 International Symposium of the 9th Research Day  College of Dental Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University
2017/3/18 Knowledge Translation: On Vertical and Horizontal Alliances in Research and Education
2017/3/21-24 Asia-Pacific Association for International Education,APAIE Conference & Exhibition
2017/3/29 New Advances in Biotechnology Symposium (Prof. Holland Cheng: CryoEM and multimodal structural analysis to warrds a platform technology of lifestyle medicine)
2017/4/14 International Cooperation of nursing education and nursing science
2017/4/19-4/21 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences(UAMS) visits
2017/4/27-4/30 Asian Conference on Occupational Health
2017/5/6/-5/8 CKA symposium 2017
2017/5/8-9 2017 International conference on frontier chemistry and life sciences
2017/6/3 Kaohsiung Therapeutic Hypothermia forum 2017
2017/6/4 2017 International Symposium of Gynecologic HIFU Therapy Agenda
2017/6/16 A Look into the Secrets of Aging and Metabolic Disorders from a Metabolomics Window
2017/6/16 Genetic, structural and functional studies of cardiac gap junctions
2017/6/17 Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital 60th Anniversary Conference (2017) 2017 International Conference on Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: from simulation to team care
2017/6/17-18 International college of surgeons Asian federation and Taiwan surgical association combined conference 602th anniversary department of surgery KMU
2017/6/17-20 Building the Team: Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins
2017/7/12 Symposium of Dendrimer Chemistry
2017/7/21-7/22 International Workshop on Nonlinear and Variational Analysis 2017
2017/9/29-9/30 2017 International Conference on Life Writings: Self-Representation, medical Narrative and Cultural Memory
2017/10/16-18 QS Subject Focus Summit on Medicine
2017/10/20 HIV prevention and collaboration with Ethiopia
2017/10/24 2017 International Symposium on Tropical Medicine and Global Health
2017/10/25-10/27 KMU institutional research international conference
2017/11/10-11/11 2017 International Conference on Environmental Medicine and the 14th Symposium of the Frontiers of Biomedical Sciences - Impacts of the Phthalates Incident, Food Safety and Air Pollution on Human Health
207/11/20-11/24 2017 KMU & Shanghai Jiao Tong University PBL training program
2017/11/11-11/12 2017 IFHNOS World Tour
2017/12/13 KMU & University of Cologne workshop
2017/12/9-12/-10 2017 TASL Annual Meeting
2017/12/17-12/19 2nd Takao Forum of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
2016/1/11 Understanding the Common Pathogenesis of Asthma and COPD - from the view point of epidemiology, genetics, and cohort studies
2016/2/19 2016 International Combined Academic Conference
2016/3/7 Taiwan-Japan Aging Society and Health-Care Economics Forum
2016/3/11 IBMS-KMU Joint Symposium on Recent Advances in Biomedical Sciences
2016/4/12 2016 International Symposium on Cell Physiology and Aging
2016/4/22-23 2016 International Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis
2016/5/3-4 2016 International Conference on Frontier Chemistry and Life Science
2016/5/6 International Symposium of the 8th Research Day
2016/6/18 QS Xchange Seminar
2016/6/24-25 2016 International Conference on Medical Professionalism and Humanities: Diversity and Cross-Cultural Competence in Medical Education: from Local to Global
2016/7/23 KMUH International conference on Neurosurgery update 2016
2016/8/6 Workshop of Genomics & Precision Medicine Genomics & Precision Medicine
2016/8/12-14 International Workshop on Nonlinear and Variational Analysis 2016
2016/10/5 2016 International Conference on Humanitarian Medical Missions ----Five-Year Reviews and Future Perspectives of Indonesia Medical Mission
2016/10/18 2016 From Elements of the Periodic Table to Ion Channels in CNS Disorders
2015/1/23-24 2015 Spring Symposium of Photochemistry Association in Taiwan
2015/2/26 2015 International Symposium on Modern Health Sciences
2015/3/20 International Conference on Global Nursing Leadership
2015/3/24 Symposium of the 7th International Research Day
2015/3/27 2015 Global Surgical Health Initiatives & Humanitarian Surgery
2015/4/25-26 2015 International Conference on Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Medicine: Challenges and Perspectives of Reforming Petrochemical Industries and Environmental and Occupational Health
2015/4/30 2015 International Conference on Tropical Medicine and Global Health
2015/5/1 The 11th Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan Conference on Preventive Medicine
2015/8/7-9 International Workshop on Nonlinear and Variational Analysis
2015/9/8 2015 Substance Abuse Prevention and Research Meeting
2015/10/15 2015 KMU & SJTU – Biomedical Symposium
2015/11/20-22 TAKAO Forum of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
2015/12/15 2015 Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Applications in Cancer Research & Biotechnology
2015/12/16 2015 KMU-Waters Symposium on Metabolomics and Aging
2015/12/17 2015 International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Research: Prostate and Urinary Tract Cancer
2015/12/28 Symposium on Advanced Biomedical Applications
2014/2/21 Roundtable Forum of Dental Health, General Health & Diseases
2014/3/8 The Symposium & the 21st General Assembly of the Infection Control Society of Taiwan
2014/3/12 2014 International Harm Reduction Conference
2014/4/11 The 5th East Asia Neurology Forum & The 19th Taiwan Neurological Society Congress
2014/4/23 2014 Global Health Conference
2014/5/2 Symposium of the 6th International Research Day
2014/6/20 2014 KMU International Symposium for Liver Diseases
2014/6/24 2014 Taiwan-Maryland Higher Education Conference: Open up the Channels for Interacting Global and Cultural Experiences
2014/8/1-3 2014 International Workshop on Nonlinear and Variational Analysis
2014/8/26 2014 International Conference of Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering
2014/9/27 The 29th Symposium on Nature Products
2014/10/13 Forum of Tumorigenesis [KMU-SJTU]
2014/10/16 2014 International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Cancer
2014/10/18 2014 International Symposium of Transdisciplinary Research on Persons with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities - focusing on Pain and Fear
2014/10/27 The 4th International Conference on the Control of Dengue Virus Infection: Pathogenesis and Clinical Aspects
2014/11/15 Workshop on Control and Prevention of Ebola and Global New Infectious Diseases
2014/11/25 2014 International Health and Biotechnology Forum
2014/12/13 2014 Annual Symposium of the Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan
2013/9/8 2013 Asia Pacific Cities Summit - International Youth Forum
2013/10/25 International Conference on Reconstruction and Reflections of Typhoon Morakot
2013/12/5 2013 International Symposium of Interdisciplinary Research on Persons with profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities
2013/12/13 The First Bilateral Israel-Taiwan Life Science Conference [KMU]
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