Three of KMU Colleges Building Partnership with Shinshu University School of Medicine on May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017--3 KMU colleges, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences built partnerships with Shinshu University School of Medicine (SUSM).  The delegations were Dean, School of Medicine, Professor Eiji Tanaka and Director, Center for Medical Education and Clinical Training, Professor Tsuyoshi Tada and Professor Tatsuya Sawamura.  Before the MoU signing ceremony, Professor Tatsuya Sawamura from SUSM had a long history of collaboration with Professor Chu-Huang Chen (Mendel) and Assistant Professor Liang-Yin Ke (Maurice) respectively from our School of Medicine and Department of Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology. This March, Shinshu University's University Hospital constructed collaborative partnership with Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital (on commission by KMU).  Superintendant Professor Hongo Kazuhiro (本郷 一博) led a crew of 6 to KMU and Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital to sign MoU with Superindendant Ming-Feng Hou.   All the deans and relevant faculty members kept our guests' company to pay courtesy call to our head and Vice President Hsiu-Hung Wang represented KMU to receive the guests. Meanwhile, Vice President Wang suggested it was hopeful to have more substantial cooperation in the future after this ceremony.

The signing ceremony set a milestone for the long-term collaborative relationship and served as catalysts to invite and  explore more potential collaborations with our partner school.  Shinshu University's School of Medicine covered two schools, School of Medicine and School of Health Sciences. According to Shinshu University, to ensure all the departments in both schools under School of Medicine could have academic communications with all the counterparts in KMU, Shinshu University pledged to sign MoU with relevant colleges in KMU in attempt to extend collaborations to a wider range.  

1. Meeting with the Vice Presidentmeeting with the Vice President 15

Meeting with Vice President

2. Signing Ceremony and Gift Exchange 16

Signing Ceremony

3. OSCE clinical Education College of Medicine 2

Clinical Education for KMU electives

3. Advanced Tech. in Healthcare System_College of Health Sciences (3).JPG

Advanced Techonology Healthcare System by College of Health Sciences

Both parties gave brief introductions to present the research and teaching potentials in hope of inviting more possibilities for cooperation in the future.  After the signing ceremony, the delegations were invited to College of Health Sciences to introduce the Advanced Technology Healthcare System. After lunch with KMU representatives, delegations were led to OSCE Classroom and Department of Clinical Education to learn about our medical training for the students in medicine.  Later, they also visited Vice superintendent Professor Wan-Long Chuang of KMU University Hospital and had a tour  to Breast Health Center. After the campus tour, Superintendent Professor Ming Feng Hou invited the delegates to Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital and had short visit in Cijin. 


Advanced Techonology Healthcare System 


Breast Health Center

20170519 141312 

Department of Chinese Medicine


 4. KMU University Hospital 13

Vice superindedant Professor Wan-Long Chuang (right) and Dean Eiji Tanaka(left)

5. Siaogang Hospital 3

Visit to Kaohsiung Municipal Siagang Hospital

5. Siaogang Hospital 1

City tour to Cijin