Initiated the interchange since 2008, KMU signed the MOU with Uppsala University (UU) on May, 18th in 2012 and again signed the joint Dual-degree for college of pharmacy next year.  Almost each year UU students and professors came to KMU graduate institute of natural products for a short-term global pharmacy course.  Lasted until the end of 2015, several academic activities had progressed such as visitation, co-teaching, long-term exchange students for joint Dual-degree, etc.  The friendship between two universities never extinguished.

As we know, several KMU medical and pharmaceutical students came to Sweden for joint dual-degree since 2013.  Kuei-Hung Lai became the first graduated in the graduate institute of natural products (GINP) who completed this degree.  His oral presentation is going to be held on May. 20th. The KMU Chair of School of Pharmacy, Pao-Chu Wu, and Prof. Yang-Chang Wu (GINP), as well as Prof. Fang-Rong Chang (GINP) were invited for being the participated oral commissioner.  The graduation ceremony was announced to be conducted on May. 24th. Honored on KMU.

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Left:  The oral presentation proceeded in.     Middle:  Receiving congratulations from UU professors.     Right:  Photographed with UU and KMU professors.