On May 1st, 2017, delegations from University of the Philippines, Manila (UP Manila) visited KMU for matching research interests for future study.   Director at Office of International Linkage, Tammy L. Dela Rosa, led the crew of 9 faculty members to KMU and talked to KMU faulty with relevant fields of interests, including chairman’s and professors from Department of Public Health, Sports Medicine, Healthcare Administration and Informatics, Psychology, Pharmacy and also Graduate Institute of Natural Products.  On arrival, all the delegations visited KMU President Ching-Kuan Liu and had short talks and both parties expected the prospects of future collaboration.  After the meeting with KMU president, Vice Dean for Office of Global Affairs led UP Manila delegates to have a look around the campus and the living mechanism around KMU.   Later, the guests visited KMU archives and historical museum to learn how the southern Taiwan's medical development embedded with the development of KMU.   All the delegates marveled at the beauty of KMU's campus and also the complete preservation of earlier medical devices, instruments as well as the documents.  They could see the devotion of the precedents and those who contributed their lives to the lands.  After the tour, they suggested that the history was well preserved.  

During lunch, Chairman from Department of Healthcare Administration and Informatics, gave a brief introduction of the course structure and faculty members’ research areas.  Together with two other teachers, Prof. Hon-Yi Hsu, mentioned about the study track in the department as well as the requirements of credits earned before graduation.  Meanwhile, another group of matching started at lunch time. The matching for research area went smoothly.  According to KMU's faculty, most of the teachers from UP Manila showed great motivations towards their research interests and had already had thought over the research topics.  However, the potential problem we might encounter resided in the different training system of the Philippines and Taiwan.  Some from KMU suggested it would be better to learn the delegates' entry level and background of academic training by presenting the courses taken in precedent institutions. Viewing the academic training background would facilitate the faculty members from KMU to identify and spot the missing parts which might be necessary for advanced learning, and our faculty might be able to present constructive suggestions for them for future study.  A lot more of great advices may be offered in administrative meetings in KMU for further discussions.

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It is with the effort of all in the right time and the right place that KMU is able to have more successful matching for research study.