The announcement to apply for Kaohsiung City International Student Scholarships has been released. For those who are interested to apply, please read the following requirements and how-to carefully:

  1. Eligibility: applicants need to fulfill all the following requirements:
    1. International students seeking degree in Kaohsiung now, excluding those who are going to graduate this semester / year 
    2. Score of academic performance for previous semester over 80.
    3. Bonus requirements:
      • Participating in social or cultural activities (see attached certificate sample): 0.5 points per hour, up to 40 points
      • International students who are from KH’s sister cities (city list see attachment): 30 points if from KH sister city
  2. Required document:
    1. Application form (see attachment )
    2. Transcript: previous semester will do.
    3. Certificate for social services or cultural activities participation
  3. Deadline: until 5 PM June 17th, 2016. (As OGA needs to do the screening and selection and conduct other administrative procedures so that we may submit the applications to Kaohsiung City government on June 30th, 2016, thus the early deadline)
  4. Submission: Hardcopy application package submitted to OGA prior to closing date (June 17th, 2016). The Kaohsiung City government only allows each university to submit up to 5 applications. Therefore, if OGA receives applicants more than that, an internal screening will be conducted on the basis of the following criteria:
    1. Whether you have other funding / grants
    2. Sister city
    3. Social service and cultural activity participation
    4. General& academic performance
  5. Contact: OGA Angela
  6. Attachments:
    • Application form
    • Sister city list
    • Certificate of Social Services or Cultural Activity Participation
    • Regulations (only in Chinese version)





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