Kaohsiung Medical University

Chinese Character Typing Contest


Purpose: Chinese Language Center and OGA host this contest to promote Chinese input method. Leveling up your traditional Chinese input method could help you memorize Chinese characters and improve writing skill.


Sponsor: College of Humanities and Social Science, Kaohsiung Medical University


Organizer: Office of Global Affairs, Kaohsiung Medical University Chinese Language Center, Kaohsiung Medical University

Date & Time: Jan 6th, 2016, Wed, 12:15p.m. ~ 13:00p.m.

Check-in Time: 12:00p.m. ~ 12:10p.m.

Venue: CS304A


Eligibility: International students at KMU

You hadn’t studied at Chinese schools before joining KMU.

International Students from Hong-Kong, Macau and Mainland China are unable to apply.


Registration time and method: Registration is due on Dec 31st, Thursday. Please download the application form on the website of Chinese Language Center. After filling out the form, please hand in to OGA or CS307.



1. Two international students team up when you register the contest. Everyone can only join a team.

2. Partners should be on the same level of Chinese skill.

3. During the contest, one is in charge of typing, the other one should work on proofreading. Whoever does proofreading could only talk to your partner for correcting typing in Chinese.   

4. We will hand out the test papers and give contestants 2 minutes as preparation time. During the preparation, you cannot using cellphones and discuss with others but check books as references.    

5. Before we start the game, every team should open a Word or Wordpad file, where you type Chinese characters during the game. Please name the file after contestants and sent it to the judges.

6. Each game lasts 5 minutes. 30 seconds before time is up, we will ring a bell as a reminder and in the last 10 seconds, we will ring it again. Stop typing as time is up, or you will fail your game.

Grading Policy: The total number of words you type: 50%     Preciseness: 50%


Prizes: Contestants will be awarded with as the following shown. The maximum number of awarded contestants will be three, and it will be adjusted depending on the amounts of participants.


1st Prize: NT$1500

2nd Prize: NT$1200

3rd Prize: NT$1000

Any additional rules will be announced by the host or judges on the spot.

Contestants must issue student’s identity card for registration. Contestants without student card will be disqualified.



Office of Global Affairs(OGA)

OGA Dean: Dr.Cherng-Jye Jeng

Director of Division of Student Exchange: Dr. Bing Huang

Project Assistant: Angel Chou R041109@kmu.edu.tw/ Ext.2383#24

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