ARC application guideline

1.          Receiving Units: Southern Taiwan Joint Services Center/ Kaohsiung City First Service Center, National Immigration Agency

→information below is the map/QR code of this center.

2.          Office site: 5 & 6 FL.,NO.6 Zhengnan St, Lingya Dist, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

3.          Required documents (verify the original and take its copy):

o  A completed application form:  tw/images/doc_download_Arrival_in_Taiwan/ARC.pdf

→or you can scan the QR code below.

o  A passport with resident visa.( A foreign national applying for modifications in the reasons for residency pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 23 of the Act, is exempt from being examined for an entry visa)

o  Related documents for residency (Studying): A Student ID Card with Registered Stamp(在學證明印章). 

→[NOTICE] Bring your photo copy of Stu. ID card to the academic office, ask them put the Registered Stamp(在學證明印章) on it.

o  One 2’’x 2’’ colored photo, front head and shoulder, taken within six months.

o  A foreign national who applies for an ARC reissuing shall submit Declaration of Loss of ARC or a Crime Report

4.          Fees for applying: NT1,000. (for 1 year)

5.          Processing time: 10 workdays


※Applying online:

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