To be eligible, the applicant must be a full-time foreign student at KMU and meet the following conditions:

Applicants shall submit their application with the preceding academic year’s transcripts with grades of conduct to Office of Global Affairs. Application reviewed with qualification shall be prioritize in accordance with their conduct and academic performance. The applicants shall meet the criteria:

(1) All credits gained with no F mark from the previous academic year.

(2) Grade of conduct shall be above 80.

(3) Undergraduate Students must have an average score of 70 or above in the previous academic year. Graduate and PhD Students must have an average score of 80 or above in the previous academic year.

How to Apply:

Prepare the documents (as follow) and hand them in to Sally Huang(sallyiean@kmu.edu.tw), office of global affairs. The deadline for application is2019/5/17(Fri.) a.m. 12:00.

The document:(1) Application Form (as attachment); (2) Two recommendation letters; (3) Autobiography Hard Copy (within 300 words); (4) Other supporting documents for review. 

For the transcripts, the academic office will provide for us directly

The Award Criteria:

This scholarship should be applied by year, and reviewed by the Committee of International Academic Communication. On the limits of controlled budgets, and approved by the president, the stipend shall be allocated to all approved and qualified recipients.

The score of last academic year, extracurricular activities and academic performance will be taken into account and effect the result of this scholarship.

Duration of the scholarship:

The undergraduate applicants shall receive stipend no more than 4 years, counted from the day of admission, graduates up to 2 years and postgraduate for Doctoral Program up to 4 years at most.


Should a grant holder have one of the following acts committed, the grant to this student should be terminated or cancelled:

(1) After a grant holder has completed registration, if this student does not come to KMU, except winter and summer holidays, to attend classes or has unexcused absence from class every month in excess of one-third of total classes, and if such act is checked and verified to be true, the grant for the month that the student has the aforesaid act shall be terminated.

(2) Should a grant holder violates the laws of the Republic of China, achieves Major Demerit during the studying period, suspends his/her studies or is expelled from KMU, the grant to this student should be cancelled. Should a grant holder, upon registration for each semester, fail to produce Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) to certify the studying reason for his/her stay in Taiwan before the deadline specified by KMU, the grant to this student should be cancelled. Should a grant holder of dual nationality obtain no approval from KMU or also be a grant holder of other university in Taiwan, the grant to this student should be cancelled.

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