2018 New Southbound Neighboring Countries Cultural Arts Festival in Taipei

In order to give international students an opportunity to experience more of the culture of South East Asia, near Taiwan, and become acquainted with Taiwanese and New Southbound

people’s lifestyles, we welcome you to: “The 2018 New Southbound Neighboring Countries Cultural Arts Festival in Taipei.”

1. Date: May 26th (Sat.), 2018

2. Participants: International students & host families *Free for all participants

3. Location of event: TAV Café 藝術村餐坊(臺北市中正區北平東路7 號) (No.7, Beiping E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City)

4. Registration: please sign up online http://www.hostfamily.org.tw/en/news/85-14552 

5. Registration Deadline: May 17th (Thu.)

6. Contact Information: Taiwan Host-family Program 鄭喬文 Joe Cheng    Tel: 06-2533131 #1603    E-mail: hostfamily@stust.edu.tw 

7. Notes:

(1) You may dress yourself up in an “East Asian style” for the event. We will have voting fun during the festival.

(2) Completing the registration process doesn’t guarantee your attendance. Please wait for our response. Thank you.

(3) We will match you with a host-family and unexpected absence cannot be allowed. Please be responsible for your presence.