“Blast to the Past” NTM Walking Tour of Old Taipei

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Western architectures in downtown Taipei? How did it represent the modernization of Taiwan? Who built all these buildings? 
Why was the 228 Peace Park renamed after one of the most traumatic incidents in Taiwan? What are the significant monuments in the Park that relate to LGBT history in Taiwan?
Let us guide you through the hidden history of Taipei!

■Date: Jan. 13th, Feb 24th (Sat.) 
■Time: AM9:30- 12:00 (2.5 hrs)
■Meeting Point: North Gate/ Beimen (
■Fee: NT$50 Regular, NT$25 Discount (transportation cost not included; admission and tour map included!)
■Online registration (25 persons) via google form : 
■Onsite registration (15 persons) at AM 9:15 at the meeting point.
The North Gate (Beimen)--> Guanqian Rd. --> NTM main building--> Teng-yun Express Train Engine --> 228 Peace Park --> (Bus Ride) NTU Hospital --> Taipei Guest House, Presidential Office, Taipei First Girls' High & the South Gate (Nanmen)--> Taiwan Tobacco& Liquor Corp. --> Nanmen Park --> Permenant Exhibition "Refining Fragrance: The History of Camphor Industry and Nanmen Factory" --> Footprint Market for a taste of local organic tea and eco-friendly agricultural products!

■Contact: Ms. Phaedra Fang  hsfang@ntm.gov.tw 02-23822699 #466