Because the registration of this event is very enthusiastic.

Just want to inform you that we closed the application form by 13:58, 20th Dec.

If you already sign up for it, please remember to pay your deposit NT 100 for Global Affairs Office before 3pm on 22rd DEC 2017(Fir.).




Are you still struggling with study? Do you have any plan for your winter vacation? We want to provide an interesting event for you. Let’s go to Purple Butterfly Valley in Mao-Lin National Scenic Area to relax yourself.

Time: 2018/1/13 (Sat.) 9am-5pm

Schedule: Kungadavane Tribe Tour, Tribal Food Taste, Purple Butterfly 3D Audio Gallery, Maolin Eco Park (Purple Butterfly Tour), Maolin Rukai Butterfly Protection Market, Red Quinoa Bread DIY. Please find more information in attachment.


(1)   Please pay the deposit NT 100 for Global Affairs Officebefore 3pm on 22rd DEC 2017(Fir.), and you will get to claim back the deposit on that day if you do come along with us in the whole journey. If you don’t show up, we will confiscated and donate it to charity group.


(2)   Departure with minimum 30 people.

(3)   This event is supported by Maolin National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC (Web site: https://www.maolin-nsa.gov.tw/User/main.aspx?Lang=2#firstPageAccording to that, students need prepare the Talent Show and play it in Maolin Rukai Butterfly Protection Market. We are looking for volunteers to offer talent show to us (ex: dancing, singing, playing an instrument etc.) If you and your friends want to provide any idea for us, please contact Tina before 3pm on 22rd DEC 2017(Fir.). If we still not receive any idea after deadline, we will arrange students as a group to prepare the talent show.

(4)   Please click this line and sign up for this event before 3pm on 22rd DEC 2017(Fir.): https://goo.gl/forms/xgxDPZnSLmnr9T2h2


Contact person: Tina Wu chiao@kmu.edu.tw