MOE Foreign Student Grant Scholarship of Kaohsiung Medical University




To be eligible, the applicant must be a full-time foreign student at KMU and meet the following conditions:

Condition One

Undergraduate Students:

(1) Must have an average score of 60 (sixty) or above in the previous academic year;

(2) Must have achieved a conduct grade of 80 (eighty) or more.

Condition Two

Graduate Students:

(1) Must have an average score of 70 (seventy) or above in the previous academic year;

(2) Must have achieved a conduct grade of 80 (eighty) or more;

(3) During the period that an applicant is writing his or her graduate school thesis, even if a student does not have the previous year’s academic record of performance, he/she may still be permitted to apply for this scholarship regardless of whether he or she has record of the previous year’s academic performance. However, the applicant must submit a research proposal that has been approved by his or her academic advisor. This proposal should outline in detail what the research is investigating, the purpose and motivation for doing this research, the research design including methods of data collection, protocol, and choice of references. Students writing their theses may only apply for this scholarship once.


How to Apply:

Prepare the documents (as follows) and hand in it to Tina Wu, office of global affairs. The deadline for application is 2017/5/31(Wed.) p.m. 5:00.

The document:

(1) Application Form (2) Full Academic Transcript with Ranking (3) Other Supporting Evidences.


The Award Criteria: The number of scholarships awarded and the amount awarded depend upon the amount of subsidy received from the Ministry of Education. After the applications are received by the Committee of International Academic Exchange(國際學術交流委員會)will review the applications and make final recommendations to be approved by the President of KMU.


The Evaluation Criteria are:

(1) Official Transcript Scores: 60%

(2) Academic Performance: 30%

(3) Extracurricular Activities (e.g., charity or other relevant activities): 10%



Scholarships are awarded from September each year to the following August: 40% of the scholarship is awarded during the first period from September to December, and the remaining 60% during the second period from January to the following August. The scholarship is awarded in monthly instalments. However, if the scholarship recipient withdraws or is suspended from KMU, his/her remaining scholarship balance will be redistributed to the next applicant on the waiting list. 

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