On August 10th , 2016 , KMU constructed partnership with the University of the Philippines, UP.  With the help of  “Southern Taiwan Universities Alliance” and Edu-Connect Southeast Asia Association, both universities had frequent academic communication including attending the hand-over ceremony held this February in Philippines.  Vice President represented KMU led the crew of KMU including Prof. Hsiu-Hung Wang, Prof. Hung-Yi Chuang, Dean  for Office of Global Affairs , OGA and Prof. Fang-Rong Chang, Vice Dean for OGA to convey our congratulation to the new President of UP, Prof. Danilo L. Concepcion. On April 22th, the UP President, Prof. Danilo L. Concepcion led a crew of 38 faculty members of law schools to KMU for courtesy visit.  The delegation were welcomed and well received by our President, President Ching-Kuan Liu, Vice President, Prof. Hsiu-Hung Wang, dean of OGA, Prof. Hung-Yi Chuang, and Vice Dean, Prof. Fang-Rong Chang.

The UP Faculty of Law was established on 1911, the first three oldest Faculty of Law in Philippines. .  Invited by Southern Taiwan Universities Alliance, the President of the UP and other delegates from UP visited Ministry of Education on 19th to 20th of April, and headed down to southern Taiwan for courtesy visit on April 22.  On April 22, they visited the Museum of Kaohsiung Medical University Historical Archives, and had sightseeing of the community lives to explore the convenience store services provided by FamilyMart at KMU.

To promote more communications between Taiwan and Philippine, Edu-Connect Southeast Asia Association, cooperated with iPASS corporation, and Kindness Hotel jointly release 1,000 customized iPASS cards.  The customized ipass card can be used on city wide transit and worked as prepay cards for small amount of consumption in any convenient stores.  Also, they serve as room cards of Kindness Hotel. FamilyMart gifted all the Philippine’s delegations a 200 dollars gift voucher for each person to experience life styles in connection with convenience store in Taiwan. 

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2017.04.22 (from left to right)

KMU President Ching-Kuan Liu, vice president, Hsiu-Hung Wang, amd Dean of Office of Global Affairs, Dr. Hung-Yi chuang came to welcome the President Concepcion and Prof. Eing-Ming Wu of the Shu-Te university on front of the international research building.


The UP President Concepcion and a group of faculty of law professors took photograph with KMU President, vice president and other representatives on front of the international research building.

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UP Professors came to visit Museum of Kaohsiung Medical University Historical Archives on KMU.


UP Professors came to visit Museum of Southern Taiwan Medical History on KMU.

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UP Professors explored the “FamilyMart” very pleased in KMU.


Vice Dean of OGA, Dr. Fang-Rong Chang introduced KMU to UP professors.