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-International Applicants
-Application for download 

-How to apply
-Estimated Cost

-TV Project (1)  


Contact Information 
Division of Admission
 enr@kmu.edu.tw                                                                                                                                                                Dorm Information     

dorm information   

  Rent Information

Rent information   

Qualification for Undertaking Studies in Taiwan

-International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan (2014.12.18)
-Regulations Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for Overseas  Chinese Students  in Taiwan
( 2014.12.17)

Study Related 
Life Related



Program Offered


-Degree Program
-Dual Ph.D. Degree Program

-Short-term Program
-Study Abroad

Dorm & Rent Information   

dorm & rent information 





Arrival in Taiwan

(VISA/ARC, Work Permit and Health Insurance)

 ARC Applying guide-online only

ARC Applying Tutorial
  ARC Application Form
  VISA Application Form 



Work Permit

online applying gulde and link

Work Permit Online Application Process 

Online Application

Health Insurance(OGA can apply for you please contact with staff)
Health Insurance & Medical Care
  Health Insurance for Foreigners (2015.03.26)
 Application Procedure
  Application Form

Study at KMU

-KMU General Regulations  (2015.08.04)(高醫學則)
-KMU Procedures of International Student Admission (2015.08.28)(外國學生招生規定)
KMU Undergraduate Admission Guidelines for International Transfer Students 2016-2017, Application Procedure.(2016.04.13)

-Guidelines on Course Selection of Students (2013.11.21)
-Guidelines on Students Application for Absence from Class(2015.07.27) 

-Guidelines on Internships for Students (2014.12.27)
-Guidelines for Tuition Refunds for Withdrawal and Suspension (2013.11.21)
-Course Selection procedure

-Curriculum Selection System
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-Course Evaluations and Advisor  Evaluations

   [enter account and password]
Regulations for School Examinations(2015.08.28)
- E-Learning
Library Catalog
- Email Service  

Life on Campus
-Information Handbook(2017 upadated)

Associations/ Club
Overseas Chinese Student Club
[enter account and password]

Malaysian Students Association

Transportation Information

Route: Taoyuan Airport --> High Speed Rail
         [From Taoyuan Station to Zuoying Station]

    --> (1) Kaohsiung MRT(Zuoying Station to
                Houy Station) -->
                Exit No. 2 of Houyi Station,
                10 m
inutes walk along 
                Chaha'er 1st  Street to KMU 

    --> (2) Kaohsiung MRT (Zuoying Station)
               By Taxi around 20 minutes                                        

Campus Map
[High Speed Rail Timetable and Fare]

Map around KMU:
[Route from Houy Station to Campus ]

English Journal Online
Kaohisung Journal of Medical Sciences

The Taiwan Journal of Oral Medical Sciences

Off Campus Useful Links
National Immigration Agency

Ministry of Education
Tourism Bureau

Regulations & Application Forms

-Academic Related Regulations
-Application Forms for Campus  Life
-Curriculum Related Application Forms

Examination and Academic Records
-Guidelines on Degree Examinations of Postgraduate Students(2013.09.05)
-Regulations for School Examinations(2015.08.28)
-Guidelines on Transfer Credits to Students (2015.06.03)















-The Presidential Awards (2014.06.20)

-KMU International Student Grants (2020)  
 [KMU scholarship application form]

-Guidelines on Examination of Grant to Overseas Chinese Students with Economic Hardship (2015.07.22)  

 [Application Form ]

--Scholarships Q&A 
--More Grants
[Guideline] & [Applications Form]
--Comparisons of Grants for Foreign Students
--Comparisons of Grants for Foreign Students(Chinese Version)

Governmental Scholarships
-Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program  
(Document Download  for Taiwan Scholarship) 
(Document Download for Huayu Enrichment)

-Taiwan Fellowships and Scholarships
 Scholarships for Degree
 Fellowships for Research

-Elite Study In Taiwan Scholarship


OGA-2021 spring semester Orientation slides

OAA-2021 spring semester Orientation slides

OSA-2021 spring semester Orientation slides

Quarantine Reimbursement

Qualifications for applying the reimbursement

How to apply for quarantinereimbursement


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