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Division of Admission

Qualification for Undertaking Studies in Taiwan

-International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan (2014.12.18)
-Regulations Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for Overseas  Chinese Students  in Taiwan
( 2014.12.17)

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Program Offered


-Degree Program
-Dual Ph.D. Degree Program

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Arrival in Taiwan

(VISA/ARC, Work Permit and Health Insurance)

  ARC Applying guide

  ARC Application Form
  VISA Application Form 

Work Permit

Work Permit Online Application Process - Online Application

Health Insurance
Health Insurance & Medical Care
  Health Insurance for Foreigners (2015.03.26)
 Application Procedure
  Application Form

Study at KMU

-KMU General Regulations  (2015.08.04)(高醫學則)
-KMU Procedures of International Student Admission (2015.08.28)(外國學生招生規定)
KMU Undergraduate Admission Guidelines for International Transfer Students 2016-2017, Application Procedure.(2016.04.13)

-Guidelines on Course Selection of Students (2013.11.21)
-Guidelines on Students Application for Absence from Class(2015.07.27) 

-Guidelines on Internships for Students (2014.12.27)
-Guidelines for Tuition Refunds for Withdrawal and Suspension (2013.11.21)
-Course Selection procedure

-Curriculum Selection System
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-Course Evaluations and Advisor  Evaluations

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Regulations for School Examinations(2015.08.28)
- E-Learning
Library Catalog
- Email Service  

Life on Campus
-Information Handbook(2017 upadated)

Associations/ Club
Overseas Chinese Student Club
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Malaysian Students Association

Transportation Information

Route: Taoyuan Airport --> High Speed Rail
         [From Taoyuan Station to Zuoying Station]

    --> (1) Kaohsiung MRT(Zuoying Station to
                Houy Station) -->
                Exit No. 2 of Houyi Station,
                10 m
inutes walk along 
                Chaha'er 1st  Street to KMU 

    --> (2) Kaohsiung MRT (Zuoying Station)
               By Taxi around 20 minutes                                        

Campus Map
[High Speed Rail Timetable and Fare]

Map around KMU:
[Route from Houy Station to Campus ]

English Journal Online
Kaohisung Journal of Medical Sciences

The Taiwan Journal of Oral Medical Sciences

Off Campus Useful Links
National Immigration Agency

Ministry of Education
Tourism Bureau

Regulations & Application Forms

-Academic Related Regulations
-Application Forms for Campus  Life
-Curriculum Related Application Forms

Examination and Academic Records
-Guidelines on Degree Examinations of Postgraduate Students(2013.09.05)
-Regulations for School Examinations(2015.08.28)
-Guidelines on Transfer Credits to Students (2015.06.03)















-The Presidential Awards (2014.06.20)

-KMU International Student Grants (2020)  
 [KMU scholarship application form]

-Guidelines on Examination of Grant to Overseas Chinese Students with Economic Hardship (2015.07.22)  

 [Application Form ]

--Scholarships Q&A 
--More Grants
[Guideline] & [Applications Form]
--Comparisons of Grants for Foreign Students
--Comparisons of Grants for Foreign Students(Chinese Version)

Governmental Scholarships
-Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program  
(Document Download  for Taiwan Scholarship) 
(Document Download for Huayu Enrichment)

-Taiwan Fellowships and Scholarships
 Scholarships for Degree
 Fellowships for Research

-Elite Study In Taiwan Scholarship