{slider Q1. Where can I find the admission and visa requirements for international students?|close}

You can find further information on our Global Office Affairs website

{slider Q2. Where can I find finical aid and scholarships for international students?|close}

You can find further information on our Global Office Affairs website

{slider Q3. Does Kaohsiung Medical University offer dormitory for international students?|close}

Yes, we do offer dormitory for international students. Please apply it simultaneously with your program application.

{slider Q4. Does Kaohsiung Medical University have international programs?|close}

There are many different medical related programs in our schools. As you can see below

Program for International StudentBMSPhD
School of Post-Baccalaureate Medicine
Department of Respiratory Therapy
School of Dentistry
School of Pharmacy
Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology
Department of Healthcare Administration and Medical Informatics
Graduate Institute of Medicine
Department of Genome Medicine
Department of Fragrance and Cosmetic Science
School of Nursing
Graduate Institute of Natural Products
Department of Sports Medicine
Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry

{slider Q5. What is the cost of attendance in Kaohsiung Medical University?|close}

Estimated Cost for Undergraduates

{slider Q6. Can I take gap year and defer from my entry?|close}

It will be various from faculty to faculty. Please contact directly to the administration office.

{slider Q7. How do I apply for the loan?|close}

Student loan is only limited to students with Taiwanese ID. However, there are many scholarships offered by the government and school.

{slider Q8. Is learning Chinese required for the school?|close}

It is not an obligation for applicants. But to know more about Taiwan culture, we will arrange Chinese courses for you once you get admitted.

{slider Q9. Is there anything I should be aware of to live in Taiwan?|close}

Taiwanese people are famous for being friendly and hospitably. As for food, we eat mostly with chopsticks. Some people found it’s difficult. Apart from this, welcome to Taiwan.

{slider Q10. Who should I contact when I have problems?|close}

Here is the contact information about Kaohsiung Medical University, please contact us without hesitation.

  • Address: 100, Shih-Chuan 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • TEL: +886-7-312-1101~9
  • FAX: +886-7-321-2062
  • E-mail: service@kmu.edu.tw

{slider Q11. Where could I borrow first aids on campus?|close}

There are 8 first aids in Division of Health Service for loaning.  Please fill out the application form and submit three day beforehand.  You may come to Office of Student Affairs for standards procedures including downloading the application form.  We will have responsible person to help you out.  After you complete the application, please come to division of Health Service one day before your loaning day. 

{slider Q12. When my friend swoon and does not have breath, what can I do to help my pal?|close}

There are 5 Automated External Defibrillator(AED) in total installed on campus. They are respectively located by B2 elevator of International Academic Building, Security’s Booth at the Gate on Tongmeng Road, by the elevator on 1st Floor of Chi Shih Building, by the elevator on B1 of Chi Shih Building, and on 1st floor of Student’s Dorm-New House.  On occasion of emergency, please follow the manual for instruction guide, and contact 119 or KMU Hospital Emergency Room 07-3208249 immediately. You may also refer to Division of Health Service or Campus Security Office, located in Chi-Shih Building for help.


{slider Q13. What should I be aware of if I live in dormitories?  If I encounter questions, who shall I consult for help?|close}

KMU boarders should abide by the rules specified by the Guidelines for Managing Dormitory, Student Dormitory Regulations, and KMU’s autonomic committee. On occasions of any problems with regards to living in dorm, you may refer to the administrator of the Dorm or contact

Security at A dorm on 24 hours with 07-3121101#2551.

{slider Q14. What is Meal Voucher?|close}

All the KMU student with student status can apply for meal voucher online.  The meal voucher is provided in hope of releasing students with financial hardships.  For those in need, please feel free to download the application for and send to your mentor and advisor for signature. On approval, persons in charge of the matter will contact you for the voucher. You can contact Ms. Lee with 07-3121101#2823, R981022@kmu.edu.tw.

Download point: 48-1 Meal Voucher Application Form.doc

{slider Q15. How may I get help when I am sexually abused, harassed or bullied.  How may I get help and apply for investigation?|close}

When you are sexually abused, harassed or sexually bullied. You may consult Gender Equity Education Committee and fill out the application form for investigation. Please Download here: KMU Application Form for Investigation on Campus Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Bullying. You can also contact Campus Security Office 24 hours line: 07-3220809 when you are in need.

After receiving an investigation application, the Gender Equality Education Committee will start the investigation immediately. In order to protect the people involved, all related clerks keep everything strictly private during the investigation process. Our university will provide all kinds of assistance. For example, redeploy the courses to avoid any meeting between victims and offenders.

{slider Q16. How can I get help when there is emergency?|close}

There are staff on duty 24 hours a day in the Campus Security Office, which is set up for emergency for students on campus or off campus have emergent cases. You may contact 07-3220809 which is available 24 hours a day. When you are in Taiwan, please make sure you enter the 24 hours contact line in your mobile phone, or put the emergent card in your purse or wallet. If you haven’ t get the emergent card, please come to OGA for more information.

{slider Q17. When I suffer from emotional turbulence and tremendous stress or some pressure which is hard to bear, where can I get help?|close}

When you encounter some trials or hardships that have strong impact on tempo of your daily life, you can consult your mentor and advisor or your friends. You may also come to Division of Psychology and Counseling for a brief talk. We have professional psychological councilor who is always ready to offer help in the Division of Psychology and Counseling. The professional counsellor will listen to your need and offer your mental support and constructive help.  Please, do step in the Division of Psychology and Counseling, located in Chi-Shih Building (CS103) for appointment. You can also contact Ms. Hu with 07-3121101#2121-14, pallav@kmu.edu.tw.

{slider Q18.Who can apply National Health Insurance?|close}

According to our Laws and Regulations, all of foreign students in Taiwan have to be included in the National Health Insurance once you have been in Taiwan for more than six months continuously and do not leave Taiwan for more than 30 days within this period.

Foreign students with ARC for more than six months are required to enroll in NHI. It will be itemized on the tuition bill. While you are a holder of resident VISA or visitor VISA, you will have student insurance. Only after six months after obtaining your ARC may you then transfer to NHI.

For more information: https://www.nhi.gov.tw/English/


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