1.The Self in Face and Dignity Cultures: Understanding the Self from the Eyes of
   Others or Their Own Eyes

2.Be Careful When You Praise Your Students and Chrildren: The Effects of Positive
   and Negative Performance Feedback on Achievement Motivation and Performance

2019/10/07 Changes to The Microbiome through Altering Bacterial Metabolite Production Influence Breast Cancer Development
2019/10/14-2019/10/16 Progress & Perpective on the Discovery & Development of World-Class New Drugs from Chinese Herbal Medicine
2019/10/16 One Health: from An Ecological Perpective
2019/10/22 Enhancing Care & Well-being of Older Adults via Technology
2019/10/29 On the Road to Marriage Equality: The Dialogue between Taiwan and Australia

1. Social Worl Higher Education in the U.S.                   

2. Introuce MSW & PhD Program at the GCSW-UH

3. Play Therapy and Guided Imagery

2019/11/27 Dialogues between Indigenous Knowledge and Western Medical Science
2019/12/03-2019/12/05 How to Build Research Capacity between Clinical and Academic Settings
2019/12/05 Philosophy in Nursing and Knowledge Development
2019/12/16 When Life is Fair for "Me" and Not "Others"
2019/12/17 Cultural Competence between Taiwan and USA Nurses
2019/12/24 Disturbed Mitochondrial Dynamics Rewires Epigenetic Program for CD8+ Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocyte Exhaustion

1. Functional Muscle Transfers for Quadriceps ReconstructionL Objective Assessment
    with 3D Gait Analysis, Electromyography and Environmental Simulator

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality in Dental Education

2016/1/11 Understanding the Common Pathogenesis of Asthma and COPD - from the view point of epidemiology, genetics, and cohort studies
2016/2/22 Influence of stem cell ageing on the development of osteoporosis
2016/2/23 Increase student learning outcomes with flipping classroom

Topic 1 : How to plan and implement PBL program successfully?

Topic 2 : Teaching evaluation: balancing teaching and researching

2016/4/12 Basic and Advanced Concepts of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2016/5/5 Global Education for 21st Century
2016/5/10 My Global Health-based experience in Palestine and Nepal
2016/5/25 Stereoinversion Reaction Mechanism and Beyond in the Briosynthesis of Carbapenem Antibiotics
2016/6/14 Preventing Blindness in your Patients: Essential Ophthalmology for Non-ophthalmologists
2016/6/28 Ultrasensitive Protein Detection and Magnesium Homeostasis
2016/9/8 Characterization of Cancer Stem Cell in Renal Cancer and Its Role in progression.
2016/10/14 Practicing medicine in the United States: reflections of my experience
2016/10/20 韓國成均館大學Simon C. Estok教授來訪
2015/1/26 2015 Oral Mucosa Disorder Symposium of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
2015/3/23 New Era of Lipid and Glycomedicine Research
2015/3/31 New Advance in Inflammation, Cancer and Stem Cell
2015/10/6 A Semio-cognitive Study of Emotions in Alice Munro’s short story
2015/10/21 Ecocriticism, Life of Pi, and boundary crossing
2015/10/29 Korean sociology and society in crisis
2015/11/24-29 2015Asian Smart Living International School
2015/11/27 The Cell Biology of Neurodegeneration: Towards Understanding How Neurons Die in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease
2015/12/2 Healthcare Issues in Post-menopausal Women with Gynecologic Cancers
2015/12/3 Medical Education and Training for Students and Residents in USA
2015/12/6 New Advance in Generation, Medicine, Cancer and Stem Cell
2015/12/9 The Empire in Your Hand – Roman Portable Sundials: Time, Space, Identity
2015/12/24 Functions of CDK12 in DNA Damage Repair and Its Involvement in Embryonic Development, Neurogenesis, and Precision Medicine
2014/10/30 Cross-Coupling Reactions of Organoboranes: An Easy Way for Carbon-Carbon Bonding
2014/12/26 Systems-Approach to “Disease Vector” Management – with Cases on Dengue
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