Kaohsiung Medical University's Faculty and Students unite to clean the Beach

On April 29, 2023, the KMU International Volunteer Club and KMU Bicycle of Kaohsiung Medical University jointly held a beach clean-up activity called "The Cijin Beach Cleanup". Nearly a hundred students participated in the event, which consisted of a morning beach clean-up and an afternoon bike ride to explore the beauty of Cijin. Chairman Jian-Zhi Chen, President Chun-Yuh Yang, and the superintendent of the Kaohsiung Municipal Cijin Hospital Jong-Rung Tsai, also enthusiastically participated in the event, wearing casual attire and joining the beach clean-up activity with students to jointly protect the coastal environment. To encourage participants to take public transportation and achieve carbon reduction, those who took the subway and ferry to the event were eligible for transportation subsidies. In order to implement plastic reduction concretely, no plastic bags were provided on-site, and participants were required to bring their own recycled bags to collect the garbage on the beach. The organizer did not provide bottled water, only drinking water, and hoped everyone would develop the habit of carrying an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle. This beach clean-up activity removed nearly 18 kilograms of various bottles, cans, plastic bags, and other wastes, contributing to the sustainability of the environment being friendly to the land and the ocean.



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