Below are guidelines for KMU International Student Scholarship application



1.    Student with any nationality of foreign countries apart from nationality of the Republic of China, not including overseas Chinese student, Mainland China’s student or exchange student.

2.    Applicants for this scholarship shall not receive other scholarships.

3.    Criteria:

§  All credits gained with no F mark from the previous academic year.

§  Grade of conduct shall be above 80.

§  Undergraduate Students must have an average score of 70 or above in the previous academic year.
Graduate and PhD Students must have an average score of 80 or above in the previous academic year.

How to apply:

1.    Freshman: The application form shall be submitted in accompany with the application for admission.          

2.    One with student’s status: The submission of application shall be made in accordance with announcement with the following documents. (Applicants shall submit their application to Office of Global Affairs.)

§  Application Form

§  Transcript of preceding academic year (marked with Class ranking)

§  Two recommendation letters

§  Other supporting documents for review


1.    This scholarship should be applied by year, and reviewed by the Committee of International Academic Communication.

2.    Should a grant holder have one of the following acts committed, the grant to this student should be terminated or cancelled:

        • If the student has unexcused absence from class every month in excess of one-third of total classes in that month

        • If the student violates the laws of the Republic of China, achieves Major Demerit during the studying period, suspends/withdraws their studies or is expelled from KMU

        • If the student fails to produce Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) to certify the studying reason for their stay in Taiwan before the deadline specified by KMU

        • If the student of dual nationality obtains no approval from KMU or also be a grant holder of other university/government in Taiwan

        • If the student departure from Taiwan without informing Office of Global Affairs


For more detailed information, please check the attachment below.

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